otherprojections promote art & design with a holistic and sustainable perspective. The existence and creation of atmospheres is a constant enquiry that otherprojections explores, while being dedicated to nurture interactions with, and the promotion of diverse practices.

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We are invariably open to consider new engagements for promotion and collaborations and welcome your interest.

Collections of Form & Refine and Emi Fujisawa are currently displayed in our (pop up) showroom in Islington Square (south arcade).

The display of 'She lets them believe she is an ornament', by Italian artist Giuseppe Capitano took place in our pop up showroom in the south arcade of Islington Square throughout December 2021.


The Linear Table top & Austere Trestles desk (Oak) and the Shoemaker Chair No 49 (Oak) are part of Form & Refine's collection. 


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Image by READS @2021