Our sales agency represents high end design, interiors and lifestyle brands with great ethical, environmental, social and artistic concerns and interests, for the UK market. Brands are carefully selected for a sensible and complementary curation of products offering multiple choice through a single channel.  With extensive interest and knowledge in design and interiors, influenced by the Nordic visual language but with a thorough understanding of the British design culture and heritage, as well as international influences, support and guidance is at hand in all stages of contact and process.  


The service covers order administration, presentation and guidance of new and existing collections, training (product & brand knowledge and development), VM guidance, event planning and holding, general brand development.       

The gallery showcases work that challenge conventional aesthetic, functional and material conditions through collisions across the genres of architecture, design, crafts and art. 


otherproJections considers the object to be not merely a factual thing but full of perceptible futures in its co-presence with us humans, contributing to the emergence of atmosphere * - which can be understood as a ‘cross-over of the material and the immaterial, forcing us to deal with the conceptually and experientially ambiguous’ **.

The material qualities of the object thereby actively contributes to the process of perception (of (an) atmosphere).

The desire of otherproJections is to establish and offer atmospheres conceived through cultures of sustainability for our physical and social environment, where materials, design, production and use require careful consideration. 

* * *

Founder Malén Hult has a background of studies in Product Design and Architecture (practice & theory), has worked as an architect’s assistant and has many years of experience in the high end design retail environment, managing sales teams, shops and departments where training, customer service, event making and networking has formed a great part of the overall experience. 

*    Atmospheric Architectures.The Aesthetics of Felt Spaces : G Böhme ; Ed. A., Engels-Schwarzpaul; pp13-36 (2017)

**  Atmospheric Architectures.The Aesthetics of Felt Spaces : G Böhme ; Ed. A., Engels-Schwarzpaul; pp13-36 (2017)