. handwoven kibiso fabric, vintage Japanese handwoven cotton for kimono, Egyptian cotton, vintage French cotton, vintage French linen, vintage Romanian handwoven linen, vintage handwoven Slovenian linen, organic cotton

. shell buttons

. wash by hand separately as the garment is hand dyed with natural dyes.

. natural dyes may initially rub off on your clothes and hands

. variations/unevenness of colour and gradual fading are a characteristic of this type of garment dyeing.


. all garments fit all sizes from Small to Large.


. Emi hopes that her garments will be worn and enjoyed for many years, therefore, she provides a dye and repair service to support you.

. all garments are compostable as all materials used are natural



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Tsugi top | Sei-ran clothing collection

  • Emi Jacket

    The Sei-ran | 青藍 | collection is named after the shade closest to one of the 48 indigo shades described in Japan, as well as to celebrate traditional hand-dyeing techniques.


    The collection also celebrates the concept of slow fashion, and is entirely handmade and handdyed - even the ceramic buttons are handmade by Emi ! 


    Only vintage natural fabrics, organic natural fabrics, hand-woven natural fabrics, and traditional textiles are used in the collection. Focusing on these materials made by sustainable methods, Emi honours the value of traditional textiles and hand-woven fabrics while she imagines the history and background of these vintage fabrics as she brings them to a new life as part of her garments. 


    Some fabrics are found in antique/vintage markets from England, Europe, and Japan, while others are hand woven by herself using special materials like kibiso silk yarn, hand spun linens and others. 


    The collection is mad to order and since Emi sources her fabrics from antique/vintage markets she may not be able to have exactly the same fabric shown on the pictures,  but makes your ordered garment with fabrics of similar value and characteristics.


    Delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks.


    She sees garments as something to be not only enjoyed by the person who is wearing them, but also by the people that surrounds the person.  

    All her garments are made with a highly detailed finish - also on the inside, with special details left to be seen by the wearer in such a way that it lets you dream about the origins or how they were made.