89 x 80 cm


silk & copper yarn : the silk yarns are hand dyed with chalk from the English coast


Emi wondered about how humans started making dyes for the first time. One of the very first techniques was the use of muds, so she travelled along the English coasts collecting chalks with different colours and after many experiments, she managed to successfully develop dyeing techniques for her yarns without the use of any chemicals and create her own colour palettes.

Kaku Kaku

  • A hand woven tapestry

    The earth moves, the sky changes, the tree grows and slowly it absorbs the sunlight. The moss is gradually transpiring in the shade. Individuals accept individuals and they bond with each other.


    Emi explores the passage of time through textiles. Inspired by time-honored textiles and techniques, Emi has developed copper weaves from natural dyed materials, encompassing a strong focus on natural, sustainable, and ethical materials.


    These works have been explored onwards from her previous piece "Passing of the Time” 2013.

    The collection was presented at the Peggy Jay Gallery, Hampstead Museum.


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