Is a new Danish design brand that perfectly captures an elegant balance of their core values 'aesthetics, function and materials' in their modest - but growing - collection of furniture and homeware accessories. The materials chosen are carefully sourced around the world, crafted locally to its source and with local craft skills.

The three founder's (Jonas Herman Pedersen, Lasse Lund Lauridsen & Helle Herman Mortensen) inspiration comes very much from the wish to tell stories about materials and global craft methods through their design, proudly inheriting a Nordic aesthetic language. Another inheritance treat from previous generations is their aspiration to design and manufacture long lasting products - once dominating the product and furniture production, before mass-production took over. Joining a new generation of brands they are dedicated to preserving and sustaining our physical and social/cultural environment. Form & Refine builds their business on sustainability all through - from sourcing wood from the naturally growing Damsbo Forest in Denmark, to supporting traditional craft-trades through fair partnerships, such as the 400 people cooperative in the highlands of Bolivia, for instance.

The design of simple, functional and beautiful products not only supports sustainable production, but also sustainable consumption - the elegant and timeless design will last for generations to come. Undoubtedly Form & Refine's products will be passed on to be loved and celebrated, in the decades to come.

Perhaps Form & Refine's most loved material is wood. They celebrate its sense of 'life' - a sense that remains even as the tree has been made into a product. A very good example of this is the Shoemaker Chair, as seen to the left. The seat is made out of one solid piece, revealing

the grain fully and variations in colourations, showing the individuality of the tree it comes from - allowing that special connection. Wood also ages beautifully and it is warm and soft material to the touch.

When harvested and manufactured responsibly,

wooden furniture contributes to keeping carbon dioxide levels down, thanks to its ability to continue storing the CO2 from the living tree throughout its life as a wooden product too - so the longer life the better. Form & Refine's design contributes to sustainability both in the actual production as well as in the bringing of beautiful and functional pieces to generations to come, ensuring that the chair outlives the tree it was made from, by far. The wood the brand uses is sourced in Denmark and Europe. They carefully selects producers and makers in local proximity to the source of wood (materials in general) to further ensure sustainability.

The trio's love for wood and environment has for instance brought them a unique collaboration with Damsbo Skov (Forest) on the island of Funen in Denmark. Here - in difference to most forests - the forest is kept in natural balance, giving the trees the freedom to grow to a mature age which for an Oak tree is between 110 to 150 years. Local craftsmen familiar with the forest and its trees, makes beautiful products for the brand, such as the Damsbo Master Dining Table, Origin Lounge Chair (below) & Position Bench.

OffCuts is another great act of responsibility taken by the brand:

Manufacturing leftovers are sourced for up-cycling, contributing to a circular production and economy, instead of being used or sold off as fuel, as often is the case.

The first design in the OffCut line is the Leaf Shelving System by Finish designer Jonas Lutz.

However it is not only wood that the trio celebrates, apparent in their material-cherishing mini essays 'In Praise Of Materials' on their website. We get to experience the brand's philosophy even deeper through their celebrating tales of pure and local materials, traditional craftsmanship and local skills.

Alpacca Fibre from the Bolivian highlands has been selected for the Aymara Textile Collection of beautifully soft and warm Plaids and Cushion - and a very sweet 'jumper' for the hot-water bottle.

Alpacca wool is different from Lambs and Sheep wool in that it doesn't contain lanolin, so no risk of that itch! The 100% pure and superfine Alpacca fibre, used for the Aymara collection, is also lighter than most sheep wool, making it suitable for all seasons; the cushion and plaid will give you just the perfect comfort on your sofa or bed, in summer as well as winter.

The neat Aymara collection is a result of the Nordic design language applied to a highly skilled craft manufacturing through Form & Refine's partnership with a Bolivian cooperation of 400 farmers and knitters.

In Portugal's region Alcobaça the brand has partnered with a small pottery for their Alcoa Ceramics line in the finest white clay. The highly skilled craft required working with the local clay has been passed on between generations for centuries - now challenged by Form and Refine's Nordic design of clean and straight lines of the range, but letting the character of the soft clay speak through the matt, tactile exterior wall of the vessels. The inside is glazed. Stoneware is extremely durable, so naturally a sustainable material.