architect & potter 

A collection of tableware can be viewed in our online kiosk edit.h, where single pieces also can be purchased directly.  

To purchase a multiple number of any piece seen on this page or in the kiosk, a dinner/ coffee / tea set, or to commission a bespoke object, make a detailed request here, or email us on hello@otherprojections.com.

Liam J Andrews is an architect and potter based in East London. He is a member of Turning Earth E10 Ceramic Studio, where he spends all time possible to experiment and perfect new forms and objects.


Liam finds inspiration in both the old and familiar object, lines and shapes - as well as the contemporary aesthetic expression. 

This helps him in his continuous search for the ultimate  expression of simplicity. 


The search is paralleled in his experimentation with the choice of clay and glaze, carefully balancing it with the form and line of the each piece. 


All objects are thrown on the wheel.

Liam works on commission, mainly making pieces already developed and made in smaller batches for stockists, but is also open for new object requests. The lamp base seen to the left was commissioned by a client and completed in full with the lampshade & wiring.