a collaboration in textile craft 

Freeweaver SAORI Studio & Petit Jardin London collaborates in the making of textile products, such as garments and interior textiles : the Freeweaver Saori Studio weaves and Petit Jardin London cuts and sews / stitches. 

Erna Janine, founder of Freeweaver Saori Studio, studied hand spinning with animal and plant fibres, botanical dyes and Viking age textile construction and has been involved with natural textiles for over 20 years. Erna Janine has also been visiting Japan regularly to study Saori free weaving, a hand weaving technique developed by Misao Jo; a freestyle technique personal to the weaver, which makes it uniquely expressive and a work of art.

In the very recent years Erna Janine has also travelled to India for textile residencies and conferences, as well as spent time with the loinloom weavers in Nagaland, Assam and Megalaya. 


Albina at Petit Jardin is a London based maker, who loves experimenting with textiles and makes garments and accessories to order.

The Ayumi Kimono has was part of a display at the Japanese Embassy during last year's lockdown and then it hung in otherprojections display 'the naturals' in the temporary small gallery space 'In Atmosphere'. The kimono can be worn as a garment but equally makes a beautiful wall piece. 

The collaborators can be commissioned to create garments, accessories, interior pieces and wall hung art pieces. For enquiries send a detailed request here, or email us on

The Ayumi Kimono is also available as seen.

Indian Forest Silk Cocoons.jpeg
Boiling of Indian forest silk cocoons.jpeg
Foot/ leg spinning of Indian forest silk.jpeg

Images showing the Indian forest silk prepared and hand spun (or rather leg/foot spun) by the women in the village where the silk used for the Ayumi kimono is produced.