FORM &               REFINE 

Danish Form & Refine was founded in 2018 with visions belonging to the new generation of brands dedicated to sustaining our earth and craft-cultures by carefully selecting pure materials from around the world, crafted locally to their source, using skilled traditions.

Form & Refine's core values of aesthetics, function and materials are equally balanced for high quality and long lasting products. This is apparent in their modest design expression where clear lines and elegant silhouettes dominates the aesthetic language, simple but clever construction and design for good function and solid, pure and natural materials fulfilling their visions.

The Danish trio likes to tell stories through their design about great materials, local craft-traditions and their inherited Nordic aesthetics. There is also a social responsibility taken through fair partnerships with producers and makers.

The catalogue includes furniture & accessories for the home & office:

Furniture pieces are crafted from woods such as natural & white oiled, smoked and black-stained Oak from Damsbo Forest in Denmark - and white oiled Beech. You'll find chairs, stools & a bench, dining & coffee tables, storage & shelving.

All the wood is harvested and manufactured responsibly and therefore the wooden furniture is low in CO₂ emission. Wood is warm to the touch and has life and temperament. It expands or shrinks depending on its surroundings. Therefore, each piece of furniture will always have its very own distinctive traits depending on the grains, knots and colourations of the wood. It only grows more beautiful as time passes.

For homeware there are also wooden pieces in Oak - bowls & cutting boards, a beautiful range in Stoneware crafted in Portugal of a pitcher, vases & a tray. There's a clever and elegant candleholder in Glass, raw Brass hooks and the curious paper bin in Cork. 

Plaids & cushions are all produced in 100%​ superfine Alpaca wool - all crafted in the highlands of Bolivia. 

All crafted sustainably.

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